Tjark Aldeborgh

Real Estate Broker


I'm a professional year-round, full-time Real Estate Broker/Realtor® on Martha’s Vineyard. I specialize in seller listings, home buyer representation, and vacation/year round rentals. I also provide property management services to homeowners.  My Associates and I work with our clients from their decision to embark on a real estate transaction until the final contracts are signed.

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About Me

My family has owned property on the Island since 1937 and I have been a regular visitor since the 1960s. Ten years ago, my family moved from Burlington Vermont to Katama.


Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate (MVRE) has been providing real estate expertise to Islanders and visitors alike since 1972. Our agents have a though knowledge of the Island and real estate trends. Inventory and price vary widely from town to town and our agents provide direction to avoid potential pitfalls during the transaction process.


We explain what the recent sales and trends represent which can be complicated as this is a secondary market and does not always reflect the same patterns of primary markets.

My Philosophy
​My Services

I will not pressure my clients to rush into a transaction. The purchase and sale of real estate is a highly emotional undertaking which needs to be managed in a logical and consistent manner. My job as an Real Estate Broker is to provide information and direction so my clients can identify, reach an acceptable price and then follow through with the necessary due diligence to close.