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Real Estate Sales

Buyer Representation

Whether you’re new to Martha’s Vineyard, making your first real estate purchase, adding to your property portfolio, or simply in need of a new home, Vineyard Home Realty brokered by eXp Realty, LLC. will help you find the perfect property.

I work closely with my associates to provide my clients with up-to-the minute information on the current real estate market trends, including an analysis of recent sales in your desired neighborhoods.

Why Do I Need a
Buyer Representative?

Buyers often first look to the listing agency when they find a listing. This can be a mistake because the listing agency represents the seller and their primary responsibility is to sell the property for the most money. They Do Not look out for the interest of the buyer. They may say they do, but the law clearly protects the seller.

A buyer can (and in most cases), should engage the services of a real estate agent to purchase property.  When a buyers representation agreement is signed, the real estate agent is then the agent for the buyer - and becomes the agent's client.


This means that the real estate agent represents the buyer. The agent owes the buyer undivided loyalty, reasonable care, disclosure, obedience to lawful instruction, confidentiality and accountability. The agent must put the buyer's interests first and negotiate for the best price and terms. 

By signing a Buyers Representative agreement, our agency will be in your corner at every phase of your house search.

Whether you are looking to move to the Island full time or searching for an investment property, our agents are knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

We Know the Island

Our professional agents have strong ties to the Island. We have grown up vacationing here; we have run businesses; we have sent our children through the schools; and we have made the Island our home.


We have a keen understanding of the real estate market and trends. We welcome the opportunity to show you properties to help our clients gain a sense of confidence and knowledge about real estate on Martha's Vineyard.

We explain what the recent sales and trends represent which can be complicated as this is a secondary market and does not always reflect the same patterns of primary markets.

It's amazing how different each town is when looking at  zoning, permitting, and planning regulations. Even specific associations, districts, and coastal areas have completely different processes.

More importantly, we recognize when properties require further expertise and will facilitate consultations with engineers or surveyors when your objectives require it.

How We Find Listings

Once a buyer has signed a Buyer Representation Agreement, our agents will complete an extensive search of properties that may fit their criteria. 


This search will incorporate current MLS listings as well as a number of other avenues to find properties that are not readily accessible. We scour the market to find all the potential houses.


Our agents look for unlisted, off market or potential listings. I have many contacts around the Island that keep me ahead of other agents when finding houses before they come on the market.

Dual Agency

In certain transactions with informed disclosure to both parties, an agent from MVYRE can represent both the buyer and seller.

This can create challenges for the agent (since they are representing both sides within a transaction), but dual agency can be advantageous in certain Real Estate deals – especially when time is critical or both parties are actively involved in the negotiations.

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